Lawn Renovation


Sometimes a lawn has just given up on life and needs an overhaul. Bare spots, weeds, and clumpiness are evident in these types of lawns. What choices does a homeowner have to restore a lawn to its prior vigor? It would be wise to consult a professional like The Lawn Ranger to determine if there are hidden deficiencies in the lawn before proceeding to correct the appearance of a failed lawn.

Typical key questions include:

  • Is the irrigation system sound or does it need adjustments or an overhaul?
  • Is part or all of the lawn located in an area that has limited or excess sun exposure?
  • Excess growth of adjacent trees may starve lawns for light, resulting in gradual weakening of the grass plants.
  • Soil conditions: is the soil chemistry too acidic or alkaline?
  • Denial of nutrients?
  • Bad-guy fungi or bugs present?

Once these kinds of questions have been answered or corrected, The Lawn Ranger can assist you in selecting appropriate course of action for renovating your lawn.

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