Lawn Aeration

lawn aeration

Want your lawn to look golf course beautiful? Aerate your lawn like they do at golf courses. It's one of the best ways to keep your lawn looking great and full of life!

What is aeration? Aeration refers to the physical removal of pieces or plugs of soil in the grass, allowing air, water, and nutrients to penetrate the ground more easily. Aeration is typically done by specialized machinery with hollow tines that rapidly plunge in and out of the ground, removing plugs of soil. The plugs are typically left on the ground and disappear soon after one or two mowings.The Lawn Ranger owns and operates these specialized machines and can aerate any sized lawn - from “postage stamps” to estates and sports field lawns.

As lawns age, their root zones consume carbon, which is a factor leading to soil compaction. Plant roots require carbon and oxygen in order to grow. Because carbon is the building block of all living things in nature, it is important to have it in adequate supply to assure growth. After this aeration has been performed, The Lawn Ranger applies carbon-rich composts with other nutrients to assure your lawn looks its best!

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